Originally from Oslo, but graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands in 2020. Mathias Malm describes his artistry as a biolab for the unethical crossing between artificial and natural matter. Based on a biological and cultural-historical perspective, Malm uses nature-inspired algorithms to help him "grow" desired mutated digital forms. The works he produces emphasize a new interpretation of nature and decoration, which considers technology and form within the 21st century.

“I want to focus on aesthetics and function. Hopefully this can create a curiosity about what it means to surround oneself with man-made comfort. As humans tend to regard nature in small moments of symbolism. By doing this we decide what's beautiful, or better yet, what’s worth. The truth is that nature is inhospitable and can be a dreadful place. My works are objects that reflect precisely this through form and function. By nature finding its way in and corrupting the shape and form. This invites you to consider the object with all senses and to ask yourself; what is natural?", says Malm

Selected press:

‘the best graduate projects from Design Academy Eindhoven’

WOTH:’Fresh Design’